There are dishes which identify different regions of our country and have become part of our tourist allure. Mr. Bolívar Troncoso, president of the Fundación Sabores Dominicanos, has identified a series of iconic dishes by region. For instance, the following products are typical of the Sa- maná area; fish and rice with coconut, green pigeon peas with coconut, yaniqueque, Sanchez shrimp and others. However, according to Mr. José E. Marcano, such differentiation is based on cultural influences and type of products as opposed to their geographic location. He does acknowledge, though, that there are some areas where the diversity of these products, is quite noticeable.

Based on that assumption, Mr. Marcano sorts these culinary variations out based on the type of product. The first difference can be made between livestock regions and non-livestock regions, although the largest one would be in the areas such as those of production and consumption of dairy products. Likewise, it indicates that the same categorization can be made between sugarcane and non-sugarcane regions. These areas refer to where the greatest immigration of the last centuries has occurred, thus creating a rich cultural blend. Finally, another difference would be between coastal regions versus inland.

All this production range, blend of flavors, colors and diverse cultural accents, have made Dominican Creole cuisine a solid attraction, and a complement to the culinary experiences of locals and travelers.