We firmly believe that Dominican Republic should feel proud of its valuable cultural heritage, reason why nowadays we host a myriad of expressions that not only enrich us, but showcases our country before the world as a unique, creative and rich nation in every sense.
Historians, anthropologists, gourmands, and other connoisseurs of our fine cuisine unanimously agree that the convergence of the various cultural influences inherited from the numerous methods and products used to prepare food, many of them the foundation of countless delicious dishes, distinguish our gastronomy in every way.

It is also a well-known fact that the cultural life of the various peoples is dynamic, and therefore the endless variations and interpretations reflect on every dish, continuously impacted by foreign influence and local novelties, because of the creativity Dominicans are known for.

At INICIA we undertook the essential task of distinguishing our culinary legacy, everything from past contributions and its ongoing evolution, to its everyday expressions. Today, we not only feel honored, but proud to present “Ancestral Flavors: the evolution of Dominican gastronomy”, a masterpiece which not only renders tribute to this timeless legacy, but also to the many professionals whose efforts and creativity grace our tables.

Thus, this work presents a timeline of our culinary history, where the living presence of our native crops, and the ones adopted throughout time, have marked the course of our social and historical evolution, additionally featuring priceless information, complemented by a compendium of artistic images, the result of a thorough and careful selection, that will certainly enrich our cultural heritage. Another complement to this literary work are the recipes featuring dishes prepared with local products, developed by award-winning professional chefs; a valuable contribution and gift for those whom love to spend time in the kitchen, mixing spices and seasoning born from this fertile land and other latitudes.

It is our heartfelt wish that you enjoy this tribute to our gastronomic origins, which now holds its privileged position among the iconic cuisines of the Caribbean and the Americas.

Felipe A. Vicini

Presidente Ejecutivo