Guest Chefs

Chef Carlos J. Estévez

His passion for cooking sent him on the path at an early age, to exploring and studying some of the most iconic cuisines around the world, among them French, Italian, Thai, Asian and creole. He is certified as a Professional Chef, specialized in Neapolitan-style Pizza making, and as an Expert in Food Handling. He served as Board Member and Chairman of the Chefs Association of the Dominican Republic. He has served as Guest Speaker in multiple culinary trade shows and seminars both locally and abroad. Chef Estevez has acted as Culinary Ambassador to the Dominican Republic in several renowned worldwide culinary events. He is a tireless advocate of Dominican gastronomy and works alongside several organizations to position it among the most relevant cuisines of the Caribbean and the Americas. He currently serves as advisor in the Food & Beverage Field (F&B) for the hotel and restaurant sector

Chef Alberto Martín

He holds a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management, Tourism and Culinary Sciences. He currently serves as Executive Chef to Peperoni Group in Dominican Republic and worked as Executive Chef to the J.W. Marriott Hotel Santo Domingo, the Occidental El Embajador Santo Domingo, Millesime Cap Cana, and the Higher School of Hospitality Management of Seville. He has received several accolades, among them the International Prize “Cucharón del Buen Guiso Marinero” in Asturias, Spain, in 2018; “Best Chef of Latin America and the Caribbean” 2017, by ACE AWARD, Best Cold Appetizer at the Pan-American Forum of Gastronomy Societies in 2016, Best City Hotel Chef of the Dominican Republic in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Likewise, he was distinguished for his trajectory in Dominican Gastronomy in 2015 and was also commended by the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants and the Ministry of Tourism, in 2014.

Chef Noemí Díaz

She is an appassionata of the Culinary Arts, and an enthusiastic devotee of traditional Dominican cuisine and its myriad flavors. She has a Bachelor’s (BS) in Business Management, and currently serves as Chef at Jalao, with a professional trajectory of over 15 years in the Dominican restauration sector. She made her professional début in 2003, as Chef Patissier in Marocha Brasserie, and soon after, she assumed the same role at Peperoni Restaurant. She served as Executive Pastry Chef of the Hostal Nicolás de Ovando, and 4 years later as Sous-Chef in Pat’e Palo European Brasserie, where she mastered her skills and showed great interest in specializing in hot cuisine and rendering tribute to her gastronomic legacy

Chef Giancarlo Bonarelli

Since he was a little boy, he worked alongside his father and grandfather, his mentors in the kitchen since he was 13. Later, he majored in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM University), and then specialized in Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University. He’s also taken specialized continued education courses at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and interned at hotels and restaurants in Miami, Florida. Upon returning to Santo Domingo in 1998, he assumed the role of Executive Chef at the Vesuvio Restaurant on Tiradentes Avenue and took over the same role for Mitre and Bottega Fratelli, where he currently works.

Chef Ciro Casola

Chef Ciro made his debut at age 16, in his hometown in Naples, Italy. At 20, and with the consent of his family, he set out on a journey to work seasonal jobs, first at some of the best Italian restaurants, and then abroad. Being a self-taught chef, he began his formal training by taking courses in Culinary Arts at the Scuola di Cucina Etoile de Chioggia in Venice, then the Dolce Salato Culinary Institute in Caserta (Naples), at Pizza Consulting Pizza Napolitana and in the Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain. In 1988, he arrived in Dominican Republic, and a year later, at barely 24, he opened the Ristorante Da Salvatore. In 1993, he went to Miami to open Sasa Ristorante, and then to serve as Executive Chef at Fellini Miami Beach. In 1996, he returned to Santo Domingo to open Fellini Dominican Republic, where he served as Executive Chef for 17 years. During said time, he traveled twice a year to intern in some of the most high-end restaurants in Italy, Spain and New York. Currently, he runs and is Executive Chef of Ciro Cucina e Bar

Chef Mikey Faxas

Chef Mike made his debut behind the stove at age 13, as part of family activities. He began his professional career in Punta Cana, where he later got the opportunity to intern at the renowned Martín Berasategui’s three-star Michelin restaurant. In recent years, he has focused more on furthering his knowledge on Dominican gastronomy and local products, working alongside renowned local chefs Martín Omar and Carlos Estévez. Currently he serves as Board Member to Adochefs, manages his own private catering business, and actively partakes in the local gastronomic agenda.

Chef Paulette Tejada

Chef Paulette majored in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She represented Le Cordon Bleu and the U.S in Madrid at the Cinco Jotas Inter national Tapa Awards (2014) where she won first 1st place. Her creation was named “The Best appetizer in the World”. She moved to New York in 2015, and during her time there, she did a residency program at Public (1 Michelin Star). Later, she moved to San Sebastian in Basque Country, where she also did a residency program at Akelarre (3 Michelin Stars). Upon returning to Dominican Republic, she partook in the San Pellegrino Young Talents (2015), winning 2nd place in the “Gastronomy Category”. She served as Executive Chef and part of the Managing Team of Buch’e Perico in the Colonial Quarter (2016), she was also one of the Ambassador Chefs of “Bavaro Culinary Week 2016”. She currently serves as Executive Chef in Boca e Jarro, a restaurant specialized in offering Dominican cuisine with an avant-garde twist.

Chef Diana Munne

Diana Munné earned her Bachelors (BS) in Baking & Pastry Arts from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, (USA), and then undertook a second major, earning a Bachelors (BS) in Food & Beverage Entrepreneurship. She is 3rd generation descendant to one of the main cocoa-producing and confectionary producing families in the Dominican Republic, a tradition she has honored and continued by opening the first gourmet chocolaterie in Santo Domingo in 1993, a store specialized in offering artisanal chocolate creations, called Xocolat, the first chocolate signature concept boutique to use Dominican cacao combined with the finest ingredients in the world.

Chef Solange Cid

Chef Solange is a chef patissier, chef chocolatier, pizza-maker and baker. She is also lecturer at several universities and continued education workshops. She majored in Gastronomy from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM University). She is internationally certified by the Wilton School of Chicago, the Knightsbridge PME School of Cake Decorating in England, and Enzo Coccia’s Pizza Consulting School of Italy. Solange is the proud owner of her very own Artisanal Bakery and School “Cakes by Solange”.

Chef Saverio Stassi

Saverio is Executive Chef to Pat’e Palo, Lulú, Time and Cava. A native Venezuelan, Saverio discovered his passion for the stove at a very young, hence he decided to begin training as a Professional Chef in 1995. He trained in high-end restaurants in Paris. Later, he returned to Venezuela to become Executive Chef in Teconte, and in 2004, he relocated to the Dominican Republic, to take on the role of Executive Chef of Pat’e Palo European Brasserie; this was his first of many new avant-garde concepts such as Lulú Tasting Bar in 2014, Time Vegetarian Cuisine and Cava Billini in 2017, where he served as Corporate Chef to PP Operaciones. In 2017, he acted as jury chef in the San Pellegrino Young Chefs Mexico, and in 2018, he served as jury to the first edition of MasterChef Dominican Republic. Saverio is considered a standard in the national haute-cuisine scene. His work and professional trajectory are well-known and praised by all gastronomy lovers and connoisseurs.

Mixólogo Ramón Acevedo

Professional bartender with over 14 years’ experience. Twice-winner of the Bartender of the Year, which has granted him the privilege of representing his beloved Dominican Republic in neighboring countries, making use of our fresh local products in his creations, thus delighting foreign palates. He won 2nd place at the Diageo World Class Competition. Mixologist Ramón is a well-known influencer of Caribbean, Tiki and Signature Cocktails in the Dominican Republic. His work is known at the Hilton Hotels, Hard Rock Café, and Hard Rock Hotel. He served as Chief Mixologist at Pat’e Palo European Brasserie, served also as Brand Ambassador for Finest Call and Real Syrups.

Chef Ana Marranzini

Chef Ana majored in Hotel and Restaurant Management, from the PUCMM University of Santo Domingo, in 2008. She holds a vast professional trajectory in Pastry Arts and is certified by the Mausi Sebess Culinary School (2017). She is a member of Adochefs since 2014. Among her accolades, she won 1st place in the Individual Dessert Category at EXPHORE 2015 in Costa Rica, and also 1st place in the Senior Bakery Equipment Category. She is a certified Junior Judge (2015), and Culinary Arts Professional (2014) from the Academy of Culinary Professional of the Americas. She also won 3rd place in the Cheesecake for a Cause of 2014, in Santo Domingo, and 2nd place in the Senior Bakery Equipment Category, of the Americas Cup at EXPHORE of Costa Rica in 2014. She currently serves as Procurement Manager at CanaBay Hotels.

Chef Leandro Díaz

With over 14 years TV experience and almost 25 years in the gastronomy sector, this well-known Dominican culinary specialist is one of the Top Ambassadors of Dominican cuisine nationwide. Currently, he serves as Corporate Chef to his signature restaurants and is Jury Chef for MasterChef Dominican Republic. He’s been commended by the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic and several national entities for his vast contributions to developing Dominican gastronomy. He is a passionate about his origins, and highly-committed to the driving forward and development of Dominican gastronomy. He proudly states that his philosophy has always been and will forever be “Sustainable and Modern Dominican Gastronomy”. “We respect and honors its essence, presenting it proudly in every dish; we must always remember that traditional Dominican cuisine is our Fatherland’s national standard”.

Chef Emil Vega

Emil Vega worked for several years in the Hotel and Restaurant industry. He is a well-known culinary logistics specialist, and faithful promoter of Dominican gastronomy, both locally and abroad. He is the creator of Gastroteca, the first Dominican luxury edition gourmet magazine. He has helped produce several Dominican gastronomy books, as recipe developer, is a renowned food styling consultant and editor. He has participated in myriad gastronomy events as Chef, speaker and exhibitor, and likewise offers signature culinary workshops and classes. He has served several times as jury chef in several culinary tradeshows, festivals, university events and TV Shows. Among his culinary adventures, he has explored flavors from some of the most iconic cuisines around the world. He currently serves as Food & Beverage Consultant of a luxury cruise lines, where his main role is to develop creative culinary initiatives to distinguish the many culinary cultures around the globe.

Chef Dévaki Pratt van der Linde

Devaki Pratt is specialized in Culinary Arts. She is certified as Chef de Cuisine, and Jury Chef for international competitions under the Junior Category for the Pan-American Forum of Professional Gastronomy Associations. She is a Lecturer for the Faculty of Tourism and Gastronomy of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM University). She is a nature lover and is specialized in Vegetarian/Vegan Cuisine. She owns her own catering company, and specializes in food from a new perspective: “Food as the solution to healing the mind, body and our emotions”. She won the Silver medal in the Equipment category and Bronze medal in the Individual category of the Culinary Cup of the Americas in Costa Rica in 2015.

Chef Inés Páez

Chef Tita is known as the “Ambassador for Nouvelle Dominican Cuisine” to the world, for being the first Dominican chef to focus her entire experience in rescuing and reviving our Gastronomic Heritage and the country’s age-old recipes, using her project to promote the use of local products, and reinventing traditional Dominican cuisine, hence turning it into “Nouvelle Dominican Cuisine” according to the new trends demanded by modern-day times, and positioning it at the level of the most iconic cuisines in the world. For this and for over 12 years, she has dedicated herself to researching on the origins, history, influences, local products and culinary traditions of the Dominican Republic. She works alongside small farmers, producers and fishermen, teaching them to create artisanal dishes using their crops and catch of the day, hence supporting and teaching awareness on the fishery closure seasons, and preserving and caring for the fresh-caught species.

Chef Martín Omar González

Chef Martín was appointed Gastronomy Ambassador of the Dominican Republic in Madrid Fusión 2016, for being the first Dominican Chef ever to present in this renowned international conference. He trained in Madrid and learned under Abraham García. He graduated from the Escuela Superior de Turismo Delicias in Madrid and then specialized in Wine Tasting in the Instituto de Fomento Empresarial de la Cámara de Madrid (IFE) and in the cellars of George Breuer and Ch. Berres in Germany. Also, he graduated with honors in Business Management from the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. In 2011, he founded “El Colmado” considered the “first Dominican haute-cuisine restaurant” in Spain. Later, he closed the establishment to set forward on a new venture as a Dominican chef. Since 2011, he has participated as Guest Chef in the Gastro Festival of Madrid, asides partaking in some of the most distinguished culinary arena worldwide.

Chef María Marte

It was while in her beloved hometown of Jarabacoa, where this love for cooking first began. In 2003, she migrated to Spain. Today, she is a citizen of the world, earning myriad accolades and recognitions for her drive and creative capacity. She is the only female in the Community of Madrid to have two prestigious Michelin stars. She has been a key component in the success of El Club Allard since 2003, when she first joined, and because of her drive, and skill. In 2011, she was promoted to Chef de Cuisine. In 2013, she became Chef and was responsible for the development of a culinary revolution of the famous Madrid-based restaurant, where she achieved to preserve her two Michelin stars won in 2011. Chef María defines herself as imaginative, productive and with great attitude. Asides mastering modern-day and traditional Spanish gastronomy, she also masters the global culinary lexicon, and she cares and respects each product used in her kitchen, which she defines as “her inspiration for hours of tireless effort” and uses avant-garde techniques to recreate the beauty, flavor and aromata provided by nature.